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Welcome to PeakFlight, the next-level travel experience.

With exclusive service and global expertise,
the PeakFlight team is committed to taking you further.
PeakFlight: A New Generation of Concierge.

About Us

PeakFlight provides the premier concierge experience for the modern traveler. We offer a full range of amenities tailored for your convenience, including travel consultation and airport services.

From the personal trip to the corporate account, experience the detailed attention and personal service that sets PeakFlight above the crowd.


Experience effortless travel with the PeakFlight team. With our focus on detail and first-class amenities, PeakFlight ensures you'll fly with the ease you deserve.


At PeakFlight, we promise our inimitable customer service, anytime. Book with PeakFlight to enjoy immediate access to our team of travel experts and concierge, anytime. Fly with confidence, only with PeakFlight.


From upscale ticketing to all-inclusive travel accommodations, PeakFlight provides a full booking service for every itinerary. Fill out our travel form for the best quotes from the PeakFlight team.


If time is money, then you can get ready to save on both when you book a flight with PeakFlight. We always offer premium value tickets and our PeakFlight flight guarantee, leaving black-out dates and budget-busting prices in the dust. Whether you're searching for deals or ready for first-class, PeakFlight Travel has your ticket ready and waiting. You'll book quickly and hassle-free with your dedicated PeakFlight travel expert, and you'll have your itinerary before you can say "Upgrade, please!"

Ready to get going? Let us know where and when you want to travel and we'll be in touch with your PeakFlight exclusive quote. Let's go!


Why do we call ourselves the new generation of travel concierge?

Because today's jet-setting world needs a better breed of travel experts. At PeakFlight, we're already expecting the unexpected. From the smallest trips to the once-in-a-lifetime adventures, booking with PeakFlight means access to a dedicated team ready to make your journey smoother. Every arrangement, every detail. If it makes traveling better, the PeakFlight team does it.

Simple, guaranteed and moving just as fast as you are. Contact us today!

Hotel / Transportation Packages

Your trip doesn't start and end at the airport, and neither does PeakFlight. We arrange full transportation and hospitality amenities from the moment you walk out of your front door. Our international hotel executive suites and our pre-arranged transportation services offer the punctuality and reliability you need.

At PeakFlight, we know that life can get busy. We'll secure your flight, schedule transportation, and book your room, all at the click of a button. The modern world moves fast, but we move faster. Contact us today!

PeakFlight Vacations

Have a dream vacation spot in mind, or just browsing? Explore our PeakFlight international vacation packages for the all-inclusive leisure trip you didn't know you needed. Customizable or available as-is... your next best adventure is ready in the wings, only with PeakFlight. Contact us today!


Thought PeakFlight couldn't get better? It's time to sweeten the deal with our PeakFlight Rewards Program. For the frequent and not-so-frequent flyers, PeakFlight Rewards makes your trips count. It's easy to enroll, and even easier to use. Simply book a flight with PeakFlight Travel, and you're well on your way to special discounts, premium insurance and unprecedented access to PeakFlight tickets. Contact us today!

When our PeakFlight representative flew us out of New York despite snow cancellations, we knew we were in good hands! From our airport pick-up in Rome... to finding us a great tour of the Vatican City... to making sure we caught our flight to Heathrow, getting us a fabulous hotel suite in London...and bringing us back home first-class- thank you PeakFlight for being so easy to reach and so wonderful to work with!

You made sure we were your priority and didn't let anything get in the way of our adventureā€¦thanks to you, we have memories for a lifetime.

Mandie Tawil and Samantha J.

We've worked with a lot of miles agencies, but none of them come close to the personal attention and service we received from PeakFlight. As a business owner, I fly myself and my employees across the globe on a regular basis, and I wanted to ensure my miles would be as valuable as possible.

Our PeakFlight representative walked us through our accounts and offered us choices for the best way to make our miles count. They consistently book our entire staff travel schedules and keep our business going smoothly and efficiently. Dedication and expertise is the key ingredient for a travel concierge, and PeakFlight has both in spades.

Peter F.

PeakFlight Concierge really goes above and beyond for their clients! Not only did they book my flight on a tight schedule, they made sure my trip went perfectly down to the last detail.

PeakFlight arranged a chauffeur to drive me to and from the airport, and even took care of my restaurant reservations. Thank you for a five-star vacation, PeakFlight!

Doug Golding

Flying from Melbourne to Hong Kong can be difficult and expensive, but PeakFlight made our flight worry-free.

Our PeakFlight representative was incredibly savvy and friendly, and the two first-class tickets we booked were at lower prices than any other agency... booking with PeakFlight was a truly luxury experience at an incredible value!

Dan and Lois Seigel

Superior Service

Expert travel manager providing support in real time before, during and after your trip.

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Contact your travel manager anytime by phone, email or text message.

Trust & Credibility

Trusted by our growing customer base across the globe, PeakFlight is here for you.

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